Sunday, October 24, 2010

Questions questions and more questions

My bicycle bell. How little use we think of the bell...and how so important it is when we cycle. I will write more about the usefulness of a bell another time. But for now, I have something else to discuss. I found out first hand the other night as I cycled out on the town that my bell was stuck!!!! I was annoyed and confused. How does a perfectly functioning bell just get stuck? More importantly, was it something I did to it? Or was it violated by a passerby as it sat locked up and unattended? And why would someone want to damage someone else's property? I know these are questions that I will never get an answer for but one can't help but ask. Human nature I guess. Anyhow one quick phone call to curbside cycle and I was told more bells were on order. On a brighter side I guess I can consider this a reason to visit curbside, a great bicycle shop and of course where I purchased the Pashley :)

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