Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Janette Sadik Khan

As many blogs begin (it's been a while). A lot has happened in recent months. On March 25th there was another forum discussing our streetscape, city centre and transit at the Living Arts Centre. This was a great way for citizens to be a part of hour our city is organized and being planned. It would have been nice if more city officials were present to hear the message from Gil Penalosa from walk and bike for life. Either way some great ideas came out of it and we are excited to get the final draft report from Gil and his team, as they were the ones hosting the event.

AND..on Earth Day, April 22nd, walk and bike for life was also influential in bringing Janette Sadik Khan to Port Credit for a free lecture on planning ideas and strategies. Janette is the Commissioner of Transportation for New York City and has worked really hard in transforming the streets-cape and re-conquering it for the people. Some of the changes she was influential in was removing on street parking lots, with green public spaces for people to enjoy coffee's, read the papers...etc.. introducing safe bicycle lanes physically separated from traffic and various other traffic calming strategies.

We need more of these types of events in the hopes that the city will get the message of the kind of place we want to live. The Mayor needs to 'GET IT'. It would have been nice if she had attended.

We will see if anything tangible comes out of these meetings.