Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creating a Great Mississauga South

Things are looking positive for Mississauga. Maybe it is the warmer temperatures, maybe the sunshine or maybe, just maybe the politicians and the citizens and activists are all on the same page and understand the direction they must guide the city towards. Last Thursday, March 12th, there was a fantastic presentation and workshop led by Gil Penalosa at Chartwell Baptist Church. Gil presented on how to make people friendly, happy cities where people not only want to work in, but also to live and play. It was fabulous and I am interested in bringing him to the schools within peel region. The event was participated by citizens from all walks of life, including members of Council, (Pat Mullin who has been advocate for cycling facilities in peel) as well as other officials from the city and members of the Mississayga Cycling Advisory Committee. I wonder how much more value the event would have had if the Mayor could have been there. After the presentations the participants broke up into groups where we brainstormed ideas as to how to create a great mississauga. Some of the ideas included greater public drinking fountains, bike lanes on the lakeshore and a reversible lane as well. There is a renewed sense of optimism throughout Mississauga and part of it is due to the great work by Gil and the public. Great stuff and I look forward to further presentations and finally action by the city.

The photo is of Gil giving the presentation. The event was comprised of about 15-20 people.