Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grocery Shopping With A Bike!

Here in good old Mississauga, or Hazelville as I once heard, grocery shopping is a must. It is a simple equation, to survive we must eat, to eat we must buy our food. With that in mind have you ever considered using your bicycle to do your grocery shopping? Why the need to load up the gas guzzling, polluting SUV, when with a little human power muscle the same can be accomplished. You may not be able to buy two weeks worth of grocery but you sure can pack quite a bit. In the pictures below you will see what I was able to haul with me after a trip to the local Food Basics.

I hope my pictures and post have inspired you to use your bicycle the next time you visit the grocery store.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bike Racks at Grocery Store !!!!

A huge improvement to the cooksville community came with the addition of bike racks at the local grocery store. It was about time one of the big chains decided to make their store cycle friendly. The racks are clean, strong and well placed. In the photo below you will see my bike sitting on the rack.

The competitors store across the street however has not been as proactive. They still do not have any racks installed although there is plenty of space to do so. You can see from the photo what a fellow cyclist had to do to lock up his bike. If only he knew that across the street there was a rack installed, maybe it would have changed his place of shopping.

Store with Rack installed

My bike on the rack

The bike rack in sight

A biker who shopped at the competition...this is what he had to do. I have no idea how he secured the bike. What will it take for businesses to get on board and start making their facilities more bike friendly