Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is here

Spring is here and in the air. Today we reached a balmy high of 18 degrees. The girls are out wearing less, the sports cars are out....but most importantly...there are more cyclists getting out there and enjoying the warm air. Myself I rode to my local Starbucks to enjoy a nice cool drink while I got some work done. I really wish they could instal proper bike racks. Currently im relegated to locking my bike up to the dog post :( To my surprise my new bike seems to be generating a lot of interest as random people are coming up to me to inquire into this beast. I am still working out how I want to finally equip her, but you can see a pic of the bike in its current condition. I must admit, I do like the attention.

Keep riding Mississauga. It is as someone in the Mississauga News wrote, "The better way". As more of us get onto the roads we are living examples to drivers that there really is a better way.