Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Bikes - One Dog I am, back at my regular Starbucks hang out this cool Sunday night. Sadly it has that title as it is the ONLY coffee shop in town, within biking distance. Now that I have anything against is a really nice place. Its just nice to have some variety.

Anyhow, I locked up on the usual spot and moments later, another bike pulled up. Two bikes locked up against the Dog Leash holder. I don't understand why Starbucks can't 'get it' and provide some decent bicycle parking. It is not like they don't have the space. Heaven forbid another bike shows up..oh oh..where will it be parked? Anyhow the photo was snatched from my iphone, hence why it is a bit blurry. Maybe it's time for an SLR? Time will tell.

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